Tower Garden

Asked February 1, 2018, 11:26 PM EST

I've been researching the Aeroponic Tower Garden and I was looking for anyone in Minnesota that has on or is familiar with the Tower Garden. I'd love to email them some questions and hear about their experience. I've joined some user groups and all I hear are issues with bugs and PH levels. I'm curious if it's really that bad or it just stands out because those are the only people posting questions. I'm looking to grow both indoors and outside for year round utilization. Thank you, Shari F

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response Hydroponics as a growing method does work very well. Like any gardening method it has its own set of challenges. It is also as labor intensive and to succeed inside supplement light will be necessary. Visiting some of the hydroponic stores, Interior Gardens has several indoor displays of veggies growing hydroponically and they are willing to talk about what they do. Buffered nutrient solutions solve most pH problems but are more expensive. Bugs are a challenge in any garden, less so inside if the plants are grown from seed in sterile medium. A good place for you to try out gardening hydroponically would be a small aerogarden plant light, reservoir and seed start kit. Aerogarden is the brand name and they have a variety of sizes and prices. Starting there will give you a chance to practice and an idea of how much work is involved. This forum doesn’t have anyone listed as a tower garden expert. Good luck. It is a fun hobby.