YES Springtail are a serious problem. Please don't say they are harmless.

Asked January 31, 2018, 5:08 PM EST

Why is it that thousands of people are talking about the Hugh problems with Springtails in our home causing problems, and we keep getting told the same thing over and over???? YES they bite, and worst. Yes they are in our beds, and everywhere else. No we can not get rid of them because we are being told the wrong things. Yes exterminators are a waste of money, and no help. No it is NOT bedbugs. It is Spring tails. How many people have to say it is Spring tails before someone believes us. The things that work against Spring tails are CEDAR WOOD OIL products, Vinegar, Soda water, Saltwater. Please just believe there is a Hugh problem going on and it will not get better until people stop saying Spring tails are harmless. Trust me when I say they are far from harmless please.

Salt Lake County Utah

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