Medical Marihuana Odor Control

Asked January 30, 2018, 9:31 AM EST

Good morning,
Oscoda Township has opted in and written an Ordinance for Medical Marihuana. We are, however, already getting complaints about the anticipated smell of the facilities.
From everything I read, it seems as if the State of Michigan will regulate the type of filtration/ventilation system that these facilities install for their odor control.
Can you verify if this is correct? If residents have complaints with the odor, do they file a complaint with the State?

Iosco County Michigan

1 Response

The answer to both questions is yes. Rule 26 of the Emergency Rules issued under the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act provides that processors, growers, and safety compliance facilities must implement appropriate exhaust ventilation systems to mitigate noxious gasses or other fumes from production processes or operations. The rule also provides that exhaust ventilation equipment must comply with fire codes and Michigan mechanical codes. The Medical Marihuana Licensing Board, appointed by the Governor to administer the Act, is responsible for receiving public complaints about a licensee (MCL 333.27302).