how to kill japanese stilt grass

Asked January 29, 2018, 10:09 PM EST

Subject: how to kill japanese stilt grass >> 1 in flowerbeds, use bonide grass killer or ortho grass be gone. >> obviously, don't use on lawns as they kill all grasses >> 2 in lawns, use bayer advance crabgrass killer. The active ingredient is > fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, the same ingredient in acclaim herbicide. Note that the bayer combination crabgrass and weed killer does not have this ingredient.= > The advance crabgrass killer comes in a hose end sprayer bottle, but you can mix it in a hand sprayer 1 ounce per quart. add a little spreader-sticker to increase effectiveness.

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Luckily you shouldn't need the chemicals you mention above to best gain control of the invasive Japanese stiltgrass.

Understanding a weed's lifecycle is needed to know the best (and least toxic) way to handle them. Japanese stiltgrass is a summer annual, which means it dies with frost each year. Seeds germinate in spring and start new plants every year.
Here is our page on Japanese stiltgrass:

Like crabgrass, the best way to control is to prevent germination, so in this case you would apply a pre-emergent pesticide, like those used for crabgrass control, with application a couple weeks earlier. (For lawns).

This weed has shallow roots and is easy to pull, which is what we recommend for garden beds. A layer of mulch can help keep weeds from germinating.

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