Laurus nobilis - hardiness for 20910

Asked January 29, 2018, 11:47 AM EST

Hello. I am interested in cultivating a few Laurus nobilis Sweet Bay shrubs for culinary and medicinal use. Are there any varieties that can sustain the wild fluctuations of our winters? If not, can this plant be kept cut back and potted, to be brought inside during appropriate conditions? Thank you. Silver Spring

Montgomery County Maryland

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Sweet bay is not hardy here. They are hardy from zones 8-10.
To overwinter you can put the plant in a sunny window in a cool (40-60 degree F.) room, or put the plant in a totally dark room which is slightly cooler but not freezing, and put the plant back outside in May after it has been acclimated to the light again.

You can also grow as a houseplant in winter.
and the essential bay guide from the Herb Society ofcAmerica.