What to do with my fig?

Asked January 29, 2018, 11:02 AM EST

This little guy is a cutting from my parents' thriving fig tree in Hampton, VA. My dad rooted it 2 years ago and it will grow leaves here but little else. I have it indoors in a pot and the 2 leaves recently fell off after turning yellow. It has always been indoors here because it is so small. I am wondering what I can do to help it grow? I have never fertilized it (aside from what is in the potting soil-re-potted about 6 months ago). Should it be in a cool dark place for the winter? Any information you can send will be appreciated!

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Figs are not grown indoors but you will have to keep it alive until you can plant outdoors. Wait until after the last frost to take the fig outdoors for the growing season. You may want to plant in a large whiskey barrel with good drainage. Figs are not hardy here and you will have to move to a protected area like your garage for the winter. Or select a sunny, protected location for planting in the ground. Next to a south-facing wall is ideal. You will still have to provide winter protection.
Here is our website for planting, care of figs, and winter protection.


It's little more than a stick at this point. Will it be ok to repot in sequentially bigger pots rather than directly into a whiskey barrel? And move outside after last frost? Should I have expected it to grow better indoors for the last 2 years?

The fig would not have grown better indoors over the last several years. Move outdoors after the last frost. Since the fig is so small you can repot in larger pots each spring until you repot into the whiskey barrel. Provide winter protection each season. Do not overwinter as a houseplant.