Squirrels in Attic

Asked January 28, 2018, 8:07 PM EST

Dear UVM Extension expert,
Do you know of a reliable method for removing squirrels from an attic? The attic in question is difficult to access on the interior, so finding a nest (if nest there is) will be a challenge. I am not sure if there is one squirrel, or a mother and a nest of babies, or a family of mobile squirrels. I realize that I need to find the squirrel's ingress, but so far, no luck. Do you know of any tips for finding that?
Any help appreciated.
Thank you!
Carolyn Bardos

Orange County Vermont

2 Responses

Hi Carolyn,

The best place to go for information related to nuisance wildlife in and around the home (including squirrels) is wildlifehelp.org. The site is a collaborative effort of governmental wildlife management agencies in the northeast, so you can find information that includes regulations and rules specific to Vermont.

Haley Andreozzi
UNH Cooperative Extension

Thank you very much, Haley!