lacy oak planted too deeply

Asked January 27, 2018, 10:13 AM EST

We had a 30 gallon lacy oak planted two years ago.The tree is now approximately 10 feet tall. The root flare is approximately 6 inches below our soil level. We have excavated the soil around the base of the tree so the root flare will remain exposed to the air, but are considering digging the tree up, adding soil and replanting at the same location.
Do you think this is advisable. Do you have an alternative recommendation.

Travis County Texas

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It is recommended that the root flare be within 2 inches of the ground surface to maximize oxygenation. If you are able to excavate so that you are within that distance that is the most recommended method. You can dig up the tree, but you usually have more luck if the tree has been planted in the last 2-3 months, not 2 years. Before digging up the tree I would recommend having a professional arborist out to take a look at the tree. 30 gallons is a nice size tree, and I would hate for you to lose it.