Tree growth from root stock

Asked January 26, 2018, 5:56 PM EST

I had a few fruit trees die (mostly from rabbits or rodents) and they are coming back from the root stock. I had a tree do this twenty years ago, and while it's not the same tree I ordered, the fruit is fine and taste good. Did I just get lucky? Also, If I do choose to leave the trees, because I have a lot of property and room to grow many trees, will they be the same size full grown as the original? For example, if I ordered a dwarf tree will the tree that is growing from the root stock still be dwarf? Thanks!

Lake County Michigan

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I think you got lucky. I have only seen the fruit of M2 rootstock and it was not really good eating quality. So the fruit you get will be enlightening. In general, the size of the rootstock as a full grown tree is comparable to a grafted tree on that rootstock. There are some effects from the vigor of the scion