Horse pasture soil testing, soil amendment, seeding

Asked January 24, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

Hello, We have 4 horses on our 10 acre property (7 in pasture). I would like to have our soil tested and apply lime this Spring, if necessary, with the intention of seeding this Fall. We have only had horses on the property since October. Last year we had our soil tested and it was on the brink of needing lime. My questions are (1) whether there is a lab that is recommended for testing soil for horse pastures (as opposed to gardening), (2) the timing of lime application and seeding, (3) are there commercial companies that apply fertilizer and seed, and (4) which seed would be best for my pasture (lower parts wetter, more fescue, little clover). BTW, we live a couple miled down the road from your Clarksville Ag facility. Thanks, Suzanne

Howard County Maryland

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We don't have an equine specialist on staff here at the Home and Garden Information Center.
However we do have Extension specialists working on pasture management on the research farm. Take a look at this page and it's links:, and here:

There are several equine educators but we are not sure which one to recommend.
You can ask Shannon Dill.