Saw an article in the Bay Journal about a new invader, the Lantern Fly.

Asked January 23, 2018, 5:42 PM EST

It said to contact you guys. What do I to eradicate them in my yard. An article in the Bay Journal said to contact you guys. They said they'll eat anything even though they need to feed on tree of heaven, also known as ailanthus — an Asian tree species, also invasive, that was brought to the United States centuries ago — to reach sexual maturity. Their only solution was to pick them off and put them in a plastic bag filled with rubbing alcohol. What do you suggest and do you predict they will be over here on the Eastern Shore this spring?

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Please read through our webpage on Spotted Lanternfly and its links:

Some sources suggest double bagging egg masses and putting ithem n the trash. At this time, we would prefer using the plastic bag with alcohol method for a more certain kill. We will be updating our website as more information comes in on this new pest. It is spreading rapidly, but we cannot say when or where it will get into Maryland. Everyone must be vigilant.

Since ailanthus (a tree which is also an Asian invasive species!) is necessary for the lanternfly life cycle to complete, remove all ailanthus unless it is being used as a trap tree. A trap tree must be treated with a systemic insecticide and most homeowners aren't prepared to get involved with that. Better to just get rid of all ailanthus, also known as Tree of Heaven. Here is a thorough explanation of how to get rid of ailanthus: Note that cutting ailanthus down must be done at certain times or else the cutting actually stimulates it to spread.