Regarding Hawthoria Cactus

Asked January 23, 2018, 4:55 PM EST

My mother bought me this cactus last year for Easter (the reason it purple on the ends is because it came like this. I guess they use some kind of "nontoxic" coloring to make them look cool). I was shocked it's lived this long. Mostly, it is only under artificial light as I work in an office and it seems to be growing just fine to me. It has real light from a few desks away and I rotate it regularly. Only water it when it is dry. My question is, do you think it needs a bigger pot? It appears to be kind of lopsided... but the roots aren't growing out the bottom, so I am not sure what it really needs.. It just looks strange and lopsided. My co-workers seem to think it needs a new pot, but my mom says only when the roots grow out the bottom should it be repotted. Any advice is welcome.

Erie County Pennsylvania

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Hi, I would not repot the plant yet. Succulents tend to be shallowed rooted and will grow well in smaller pots. When you repot, choose a pot with drainage holes that is only one size larger and use a potting mix that drains well. Nancy