Moles under the lawn

Asked January 23, 2018, 3:40 PM EST

We live in Northern Baltimore County. How do we homeowners eradicate moles. It’s becoming a walking hazard on our lawn. We’ve tried poison peanuts, windmills, spring traps and worms. Occasionally we will get one. Any really tried and true solutions?


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Moles usually set up shop in a lawn for a while and leave after they have depleted the food sources (worms, grubs and lots of other critters.) They are actually beneficial because many of the things they eat are pests (like grubs.) It's good to look on the positive side, because the only foolproof method to kill them is a harpoon trap. Even so, you must tamp down all the existing tunnels (most of which are abandoned by the mole and only used once) and look for a tunnels that keep popping up. That is its den or an active tunnel. The trap should be placed there.
All that tamping down is a lot of trouble. (Though a lot of tunnel tamping occurs from normal lawn mower weight running over them.) So waiting out the moles is easier. Here is our webpage on moles:
Another positive about moles is that the tunnels allow oxygen into the ground. Plants must have oxygen in the soil for their roots to absorb in order to survive.