ammonia retention

Asked January 23, 2018, 2:21 PM EST

Ammonia is escaping from poultry houses. Would a mist system above the exhaust fans be able to reduce/capture/contain this gas prior to it escaping into the atmosphere?

Sussex County Delaware

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Using a mist systems would likely result in very little reduction in ammonia volatilizing and unless the mist was captured and neutralized in some way it would simply volatilize later, or crate a environmental issue if allowed to simply fall to the ground outside the house. Although you may see particles from the exhaust fans what you see is primarily dust particles and that would be the main thing a mist would precipitate out.
The volatilizing of ammonia is a natural process driven by the moisture and certain bacteria in the manure. Keeping the litter dry is best way to reduce this process and many growers add products that lower the pH to reduce this as well. They is work being done to develop an economical scrubber they could remove or recapture some of the ammonia so it could be utilized as a fertilizer.
For more details on this topic I would suggest you contact an Agriculture Engineer at one of the Land Grant universities. Micheal Czarick at UGA, Jess Campbell U of Auburn or Sanjay Shaw NCSU could all answer your queston on the subject in great detail.