As her 4-H project, my granddaughter is making a short formal dress to wear...

Asked January 23, 2018, 11:11 AM EST

As her 4-H project, my granddaughter is making a short formal dress to wear for her school’s winter formal. The fabric is satin. It has a simple gathered skirt. Everything I found on line suggests a rolled hem, but they are always showing floor length gowns. What I have seen in stores have a regular 2inch hem. Which is correct or preferred?

Scioto County Ohio

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Thank you for your question. In seeking an answer for your question I consulted with my fellow superintendents for the state fair clothing event.

The consensus is that while many of the store brands are featuring the wider hem, the rolled hem is the more appropriate finish for this type of garment and fabric.

Truly, it comes down to your granddaughter's preference and her ultimate goal. If she would like to be competitive at the state fair, the judges will likely be looking for a rolled hem. If she is set on the trendier look of a wider hem and her true intent is to make a garment she will enjoy wearing for her winter formal, she should do that. Not knowing your granddaughter, I do not know how outgoing she might be. At both county and state fair judging, if she is talkative and effective at communicating her desire to follow the fashion trend of a wider hem and still does a nice looking hem, she may be very competitive regardless.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me.