Is Euonymus considered invasive plant in Maryland

Asked January 23, 2018, 10:55 AM EST

Hello: I am wondering if Euonymus is officially considered an invasive plant in Maryland? Or are there varieties that are not? Curious about golden euonymous Is Nandina (lemon ? and domestica) officially considered invasive as well? I have attached two pictures of what I think is the Golden Euonymus and the other, I'm not sure. The landscaper gave me a list and I do not know if the other photo is an Inkberry?

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1 Response

The kind of euonymus that is invasive is euonymus alatus, also known as burning bush. It is not evergreen like the euonymus in your photo.

Nandina has been reported as invasive in some areas of Maryland.

For a list of invasive plants in Maryland, search 'invasives' in our website search box.

(Yes, the second photo looks like inkberry.)