Meadowfoam Seeds

Asked January 21, 2018, 1:01 PM EST

I am looking for a source of Meadowfoam Seeds (Limnanthes alba). I have a few beehives and want to plant a small patch for them to pollinate and gather nectar. I searched OSU site and found a good publication but don't know where to ask about seeds. I live a few miles southeast of Eugene, OR. thanks, Ginny McVickar

Lane County Oregon

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Dear Ginny,

After calling local garden stores, and internet searching - i found no meadowfoam seed; I have a partial answer.

Currently meadowfoam is only sold to farms. Maybe request that Territorial Seed carry the seed.

Charles Ortiz at 503-559-2471 is the area sales person for meadowfoam. Try him but they may only sell in large amounts.

More information on meadowfoam for Melissa Fery, Small Farms Extension agent:

Hello Melissa,
To the best of my knowledge, meadowfoam is not available on the retail market. All of the released varieties are plant variety protected, and are grown on a contract basis in Oregon through either the OMG or one other company (TCI).
Our breeding program came to an end in 2015, but since then I have been working on developing a variety outside of OSU. It will be called “Red Viking” and will have a high frequency of plants with red stems. My idea is to make it locally available to small-scale growers who want to grow a bit of meadowfoam for honey production or to use the oil in personal care products. The red stems will make it pretty to look at and easy to distinguish from PVP’d varieties. Unfortunately, it will be at least another four years before it is ready for release.
Jennifer G. Kling
Senior Research Professor
107 Crop Science Building
Crop and Soil Science Department
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3002
(541) 737-8277

Thanks both to Jennifer and Melissa. It was worth the effort. Maybe in 4 years Jennifer! Ginny McVickar

More local info on meadowfoam;


Sorry for the delayed response here! I am doubtful anyone locally has it in stock, although one never knows where something like this may turn up. For small quantities, here are a couple of resources…

Not sure if this one supplies the seed, but if not they may be able to suggest sources…

I assume since you checked Territorial that you’re not necessarily looking for large quantities, but if you are, please let me know, as I can check with a couple of specialty seed crop folks in the northern part of the valley.


Jeff Choate, OSU Extension, Lane County