Grease bands for winter moths in apple trees?

Asked January 20, 2018, 4:14 PM EST

Hi - What's your opinion / knowledge of grease bands in apple trees? I've read they can be helpful to prevent winter moths, once pupated, from climbing up the tree to lay eggs. Seems very sensible -- but the method doesn't seem widespread (among the holistic/low-spray types), so makes me a little skeptical. We've got ~80 trees, 40 years old. So far as I can tell, the word is out to generations of insect families that one & all are welcome here. ;) And a fair amount of leaf damage that I'm trying to rule out possible causes. I know I've missed half the winter moth crawling season...but figured I'd send an email to see what you thought. Thanks!

Frederick County Maryland

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The grease bands that you mention would be minimally effective. The major pests of apple trees are codling moth and plum curculio. Take a look at our website for more information and control of these pests. See Non chemical control and a spray schedule from Va Tech. Be sure to practice good sanitation (pick up infested fruits) to prevent overwintering insects.

If you are commercial , take a look at the attached link