Bed bug BITE info

Asked January 18, 2018, 10:33 PM EST

I think I'm paranoid. Back about 7 months ago I started to get itchy bumps and thought it was fleas like the year before. I quick got some poison I had left over and mixed a batch and sprayed and vacuumed. Fast forward so about 2 months ago I asked a pro my dad knows to take a look and explained my situation he thought bed bugs. He looked at the couch then my bed and said wait here is a casing. But he was surprised he saw no other signs and said some times that's the case. I freaked but he said it seams like a small problem you can probably treat it yourself and recommended I buy temprid and gentrol. I quick bought both and have sprayed the last 2 months. Every 15 days!!! I still get small bumps every few days but usually only 3 or less. And they dissapear within an hour some times as quick as 30 mins. Usually not in a line some times just one on my right thigh and one on my left. Or scary I had one on my forehead that was a little itch (usually not very itchy) and did vanish in 30- 45 mins. I hope I'm paranoid and it's laundry detergent or my spray causing it. How long is the shortest anyone has had a bite go from itchy to visibly GONE? P.s. To be sure, I'm paying $285 dollars for a bug dog to sniff the house. It is crazy how much of a mind game all this is. I NEVER in the 7- 8 months saw bed bugs or poop or eggs.....I watched videos and looked up pics to know what they look like. I guess the dog should say for sure either way.....
So what is the quickest you notice a bite appear and disappear? If I do have them for 8 months would they heal quicker????? P.p.s. Usually only get bumps on my back shoulder area and upper legs. Only once did I get a bump on my forehead. My father and his girl friend sleep down stairs and don't notice anything. They think I'm crazy (I hope so.....its cheaper than heat treating lol) earlier this week I bought and put on a mattress and box spring incasement and pillow one (all made for bed bugs) they are still nice and white and clean. I dry my bed sheets 1 a day so would that keep bed bugs from being on there and pooping??? My sheets never have poop stains I hear is comment with bed bugs. The dog should bring more answers but what about my bites? Thanks for taking the time to read/answer this. Any info about bites is helpful!!! I have no pets at home (a few mice in basement but not many and we feed them poisin) reading other answered questions are home is sealed up so no bird nestes on or in our home....we feed the birds (bird feeder) but no pet birds.....if that helps narrow this any.


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Some people do develop obsessive and delusional symptoms about suspected insect bites. I have no way of knowing if this is true in your case. I'm not sure what "case" your pest management professional saw at your home. Certainly a cast skin (exoskeleton) is a sure sign of a current (or past) bed bug infestation. Check out this poster to help you recognize true signs of bed bugs.

If repeated inspections fail to show any evidence of bed bugs, you should consider alternative (non-pest related) explanations for your skin bumps. I would recommend, for starters, a visit to your doctor, internal medicine specialist or dermatologist. For more information on diagnosing mystery bug bites, see

OK thanks for the help!