Invasive species Medusahead

Asked January 18, 2018, 5:03 PM EST

I'm a student in the Natural Resources Program at MHCC and we are doing a report on Invasive species. The species I chose is (Taeniatherus caput-medusae) My question is actually 3 parts: 1. Where is this usually found? 2. How invasive is it? 3. What are the best methods used to control it?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. I know you don't want one of us to do all of your research for you, so I will supply only links to articles which will answer your questions, which I got just by doing a web search on them. Here's one; here's a second; and here's a third. Enough information for a treatise. Good luck!

Thank you for responding. Part of the project is to ask a natural resource specialist via phone or email and this website was suggested on our instructions paper. A human reply would be what I’m looking for.

Well, I'm not sure if my list of websites qualifies as a 'human reply' or not. Ask an Expert will result in only an email response, with references to as many research-based studies and publications as are relevant. If you need to speak to a human whose specialty is invasive species, I suggest you contact either of the resources listed at the bottom left of this web page. Just know that these folks are heavily involved in research, teaching and field studies, and may not be as available as we are here in Ask an Expert. But you might get lucky!