Robins nest

Asked January 16, 2018, 12:06 PM EST

We moved into a new townhouse last spring and a robin had a nest on the top of the garage outside lights. We did not disturb the nest until the nesting was competed. Apparently a nest is build there every year. How can we discourage the robin from building a nest this coming spring. We do have a problem with bird nest fungi in the area of the nest.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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It's true that robins and other bird species often build nests where they have nested successfully before. Unless such nests comprise a significant nuisance or hazard, it's best to tolerate them and enjoy observing the activity until the nesting season has passed.

If the nest can not be tolerated, you may also be able to devise ways to make the fixture unsuitable for their use. You might try covering the fixture with bird netting, also known as fruit tree netting. It's a flexible plastic mesh that doesn't rust or corrode and it may keep the birds from rebuilding there. However, don't use the mesh if the light generates much heat.

The presence of bird nest fungi is not associated (except coincidentally) with the presence of actual bird nests. The name refers to the fungus's fruiting bodies that curiously resemble birds' nests with eggs.

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