planting grapes

Asked January 14, 2018, 7:05 PM EST

I am planning on planting grapes on the south side of my house (parallel to the house). How close would you recommend planting the grapes to the house for there to be room for the roots/ prevent damage to the foundation of the house?

Thank you

Washington County Oregon

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I would recommend three to four feet away. Grape roots tend to go down, not laterally and you also want to make sure that you only use water to establish the plants and not long term. That distance will allow good air circulation and room for you to manage the canopy. For other information, please refer to this OSU extension publication

If you are only growing a single vine, then parallel is probably okay. However if you are trying to grow wine grapes and not table grapes, then planting your vines north/south and not east/west may give you better results.