Strawberry Pallet Garden

Asked January 13, 2018, 4:56 PM EST

We live in a townhouse with a deck that gets a lot of sunshine in the summer. I was thinking of doing a pallet garden for strawberries on the deck this summer. How I've seen them done is you plant the garden with the strawberries and leave it flat for a week so that the roots take and then you can stand it up on end. That would be perfect for our space. My question is . . . do you think that would work here in Minnesota? If so, what kind of strawberries would you suggest using in such a situation? And what should I do with it in the winter? I would love to have it growing year upon year if possible. Thanks! Beth Etter

Scott County Minnesota

1 Response

A pallet planter for strawberries will work in Minnesota with some limitations.

It won't be possible to keep the plants in the pallet alive over winter outdoors unless the pallet is put in a sheltered location and over spread with leaves, straw, hay or other cover. Even with such protection the plants might not survive depending upon snow depth and other winter conditions.

If you decide to replant annually, choose everbearing or day neutral strawberries and expect to harvest fruit in late summer or fall.