Elm Roots

Asked January 12, 2018, 3:09 PM EST

We have too many tree roots growing up thru our fence - we replaced the fence and dug them out - which seemed to make them grow more- how can I get rid of them? One neighbor said he got rid of bamboo by treating it with bleach and 24D? Help!

Broomfield County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Thank you for your question about eradicating your elm tree roots. I'm sorry that it has taken a while for someone to get back to you.

I have searched for an answer to your question that is supported by scientific research to give you a reliable answer. (I will note that removing bamboo, which is a grass, with bleach and 2, 4-D not only is not recommended, but will not be effective on elm trees, which are woody perennials. They have entirely different structures.) My search hasn't turned up anything helpful, so I suggest that you phone your county Extension office ((720) 887-2286) or visit them at 1 Descombes Dr., Broomfield, to see if they can give you some recommendations on this issue. They will know which herbicides, if any, are both effective and permissible in Colorado. I hope they are helpful. Good luck!