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Asked January 11, 2018, 5:21 PM EST

Not a question but material relevant to a question I asked earlier (Although that question was answered very satisfactorily) Dear Garden Information Center, This is not a question but new information (which I hope you might find interesting) related to a question I asked earlier and which, I was surprised to see, was featured in your GARDEN Q&A column that appeared in the Dec 31 issue of the Baltimore Sun. When I submitted the question, I attached photos of the asparagus fern (central to my query) but the photos were not very good at showing the unusual single long shoot arising from the plant. One reason for the poor presentation of the plant was the fact that it was sitting on a window sill and surrounded by other stuff so it was impossible to get the whole plant in one good shot. In addition, I did not want to move the plant because moving it with its long appendage -with “thorns”- would be difficult and might harm the plant. Anyway as Christmas approached, I got a crazy idea and because of it had to abandon my caution. I decided to make a Christmas fern and to photograph it to use as an image on a custom Christmas card to send to family and friends. I transferred (very, very carefully) the plant into the kitchen and set it against a bare wall. Then I started decorating it. I have attached two photos of the result, one a shot of the plant before decorating and one after. Notes: # The long shoot had to be taped to the wall to keep it from falling over -even before hanging the decorations # For purposes of scale the plant’s pot is 3 and a half inches tall # As much as I loved the Christmas fern, I really couldn’t keep it there in the kitchen, so as soon as I took the photograph of the adorned tree, I took it -minus decorations- back to its home on the living room sill. Very grateful for your help (“ECN” was the Q&A responding expert) in identifying the plant in the first place, Keith Young Baltimore P.S.X1 think the long shoot has finally stopped growing. Not that it didn’t want to, but growing next to -and in contact with- the window during the post Christmas cold wave the growing tip looks shriveled up and dead. (Maybe that’s saying something about my poor window insulation!) P.S.X2 Oddly, I didn’t see any asparagus fern images on Google that showed long shoots like mine. (There was one photo of a plant with two leafless shoots emerging from the plant, but in that image the two shoots go only a little ways above the main head of the plant before they exit the frame of the photo. So therefore one can’t determine how long they really are.)

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Thanks for sharing. What a unique Christmas card!
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