Application of feedlot manure to certified organic farmland

Asked January 10, 2018, 11:31 AM EST

We have a 35 acre tract of farmland that we just got certified. Can I apply feedlot manure to the field from a feedlot that is NOT ORGANIC?

Also can I make compost that will be applied to the field with manure that does not come from an organic operation. Can you recommend any reference material or educational material that would help me learn about the do's and don'ts of organic crop growth and management?

Rio Grande County Colorado

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The USDA Agriculture Marketing Service Organic Program is the official certifying agency. They have many good resources on their website. In general all your inputs must be organic (seeds, manure, fertilizer, etc).

Organic Handbook is a good source of information:

In the handbook, I found info on manures and composting processes allowed -

Also on the AMS website is a list of prohibted/allowable substances -