Habitat Project

Asked January 10, 2018, 1:34 AM EST

Very recently the large tract of land behind our neighborhood was bulldozed down. This was a heartbreak to my neighbors and me as we had all enjoyed seeing the many quail, jackrabbits and deer here on the east side of Bend. Several of my neighbors were saying how they wish to do something for an animal habitat somewhere since the one we saw from our own backyards is now gone. My question is, "Where can we go to find projects specifically for improving or protecting a local wildlife habitat?" My neighbors and I hoped it would be something we all could do together. Where I come from there were projects like "adopt a stream" where you cleaned trash out of a creek and planted native grasses and such. Are there projects like that here in Bend?

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi there,

What a wonderful way for you and your neighbors to contribute! There are a few organizations that work with volunteers to do habitat projects.

A. Deschutes Land Trust: https://www.deschuteslandtrust.org/get-involved/volunteer
B. Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA). They schedule regular volunteer trips and projects. https://onda.org/volunteer/

You might also consider signing up for the OSU Oregon Master Naturalist Program, which might open up even more doors. http://oregonmasternaturalist.org/

I hope one of these options works out for you. Happy New Year!