Pruning roses in Denver

Asked January 4, 2018, 11:33 PM EST

Hi, thanks so much for taking my question. I have many different types of roses in my Denver garden. Given how warm it has been this year I have not pruned my roses back at all - they have been so green well into December with no die back. Should I do any pruning now or wait until late April to prune? Any advice that differs for climbers and shrubs vs. tea rose and floribundas?

Denver County Colorado

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Even though we've had almost no winter, we could have freezing temperatures in the next few months. According to the Denver Rose Society, waiting until late April or early May is always the time to prune roses. Here is their advice from the Society website, under "Getting Started/February":

"Don’t prune now! It’s too early. Cutting a healthy green cane can signal the plant to start growing, and right now that’s a Bad Idea. You want them to stay quiet. If you have broken canes, trim them at the break to keep them from whipping around in the wind and damaging healthy canes, but otherwise, don’t cut anything. We’ll cover pruning later, and do it in early May, when the danger of frost passes."

If you have more specific question,s the Denver Rose Society also has consulting roasarians, or refer to their website: