Querie spider mite

Asked January 4, 2018, 6:45 PM EST

Hi This year my weeping cherry tree had lots of buds but failed to bloom. I saw a few small spider webs on each branch so my gardening shop suggested it might be spider mite. I have sprayed it every 5 days as said with Natra Soap pest spray but haven’t noticed any change. It should have leaves by now but nothing. I’m Hoping it’s not dead. It is around 2 years old. I live in Adelaide South Australia so I’m hoping you can help. Thank you so much for your time. Val

Outside United States

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Dear Val,

Thank you for contacting us. Weeping cherries tend to be susceptible to variety of pests. To properly treat your tree, the pest must be positively identified. Even among spider ties there are a number of species.

Unfortunately, we are not able to identify pests or recommend treatment for Australia. I suggest you consult with a certified arborist or local botanical garden. They may be able to assist you.