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Asked January 2, 2018, 4:25 PM EST

(I sent these questions to Boone County before I saw this "Ask an Expert" section, but I'm sending it to you guys anyway for extra help. Thanks) Hi there, I am a new farmer. I have lots of questions and I feel like I basically need a crash course on the ins and outs of selling my produce. My farm is actually located in Casey County but my residence is in Boone County. I have not moved to Casey County yet but plan on it in the next couple of years. I'm hoping that someone at the Boone County office can help me despite the fact that my farm is located in another county. I know that I could ask the Casey County Extension office but I was hoping I could borrow the Boone County office since they are closer and I can hopefully drop by when I need help instead of having to take a day off during the week to travel to the Casey County Office. I’m usually at my farm during the weekend when everyone is closed. I’m going to summarize now and hope you can point me in the right direction: I am CNG (certified naturally grown); I am KY Proud - Homegrown by Heroes; I have a Farm Number; This year (2018) I’ll harvest roughly 1/2 acre of garlic; Next year I plan on 2 acres of garlic; I am also expanding what I grow to a variety of peppers, onions, shallots and herbs in 2018; I want to learn about selling in bulk (wholesale); I have heard of local auction houses for produce, the Terminal Markets and food distributors-where can I learn more details about these options; How do they work and what does it takes to sell that way?; Where can I find information about handling and packaging produce from field to market?; What legalities, rules, regulations, practices, techniques and such should I be aware of?; Where can I find current wholesale/bulk market prices for US produce/commodities that I can rely on?; I want to complete the soil test but the Casey County Extension office is closed during the weekends when I am usually there. Could I possibly get a soil test kit from the Boone County office but mail the sample to the Casey County office for actual servicing? (Unless its okay to send the sample to the Boone County location.).

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m hoping someone from the Boone County Extension Office can help me with these.

Thanks so much!!!
- Marilyn

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I sent you an e-mail requesting a meeting at your convenience. Let me know your availability. You can submit your soil sample through me. I will send a copy to the Casey County Extension agent. Thanks