Spraying weeds around Christmas Trees

Asked January 2, 2018, 1:30 AM EST

I am trying to learn some information about Westar. I would like to know how many ounces per gallon of water? Also what is best time to spray Westar. I have heard that you don’t want to spray if trees have been in field for only 1 year, is this true? Could we spray field prior to planting, just don’t want to plant to early. Is there a better spray for weed control or do you recommend Westar? Thanks

Yamhill County Oregon

1 Response

I wish it was that simple, to add so many ounces and spray. Westar needs to be carefully calibrated for applications. The video below will give you some background. Westar is typically applied in March after the trees are established for 1 year. I would not spray prior to planting. Westar is a good product, but for this first year application, I'd suggest Goal as an option. It too needs careful calibration, but is a bit more forgiving on new plantings.

Suggest too, reading more for background on weed control on my website-