June bug control pre season

Asked December 31, 2017, 11:56 AM EST

For many years now I have had a June Bug infestation in my subdivision back yard. It seems to be getting worse year after year. Is there a way for me to fight them before they emerge in May? If so what would I apply and when? If you share the question please do not identify my email address to the public.

Boyle County Kentucky

1 Response

Hi thank you for your question! Are you sure they are June bugs and not Japanese beetles? Either way you can treat for the grubs of these beetles in your lawn, however treatment cannot be done until around the beginning of August. The biggest issue with this is that since these beetles fly, you will not be able to control what comes into your yard. Another option is to use a systemic pesticide on the trees and shrubs most effected by the beetles. A product containing imidacloprid, such as Bayer Tree and Shrub Insect Control can be effective. However, please avoid using this on any plants in flower, as this product can be a danger bees. If you have any further questions please call the Boyle Co. Extension office at (859) 236-4484 or email me directly at aeam222@uky.edu