Over wintering Hakone grass

Asked December 30, 2017, 9:48 AM EST

I planted several Golden Variegated Hakone grass plants last spring. They did very well next too my house foundation. I had planned to cover them with leaves this fall when the ground froze, but snow covered the plants before I could get too them. With the cold weather were experiencing now is it too late too cover them, or with the covering of snow will that help in protecting these plants? Thanks for your help!

Ramsey County Minnesota

2 Responses

Foundation plantings generally don't get as cold as plantings further away from the house, although they might be more susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles in late winter. Hakone grass is hardy to zone 4, but some of the colored species, like golden variegated, might not be so hardy.

Snow cover and being close to the house will probably protect your plants, but you should take the extra step and cover them now with leaves (I know, it's cold). This will protect them from freeze-thaw cycles in February and March. Then uncover in April. Read here about winter mulching:

Thanks Dennis, I will be mulching the plants tomorrow, and keeping my fingers crossed!