Can I grow vegetables in a raised bed that had cucumbers that died from bacterial wilt

Asked December 28, 2017, 10:35 PM EST

Hello, Last summer, I grew cucumbers and zucchini in one of my raised beds. Cucumber beetles spread bacterial wilt and the cucumber plants died. The zucchini succumbed to squash vine borers too. This year, can I grow a different vegetable in that raised bed (like pole green beans or tomatoes) or does the bacterial wilt still "live" inside. I read somewhere about solarizing. Would I be able to grow pole beans in that same raised bed or should I grow them in a different raised bed in case the cucumber beetles come out of the soil and eat the plants?

Howard County Maryland

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Bacterial wilt will not infect tomatoes or beans. It is strictly a disease of cucurbits. Read through our webpage on cucumber beetles for a good background on this pest and its spread of bacterial wilt: It will help with prevention, too.

Also, you can find info on the squash vine borer (and many other veggie pests) by going to Problems > Insects > Plant pests> vegetables.