Can I plant Comice or Magness pear tree in Maryland ?

Asked December 28, 2017, 12:38 PM EST

Hello, Master Gardener: I live in Clarksville, Maryland. Having two mature asian pear tree already in my backyard, I’m considering adding one more pear tree. I tasted Comice pear during the holiday and love the taste of it. Researching online showed that Magness pear tree has similar taste and is native to Maryland. Question: 1. Can I just plant one Comice tree, will it pollinate with the existing asian pear tree ? 2. What’s the difference between Comice and Magness pear tree ? I never tasted Magness pear. Thanks and looking forward to your answer. Happy New Year!

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Take a look at our website on pears including Magness and Comice. It is recommended to plant the most disease resistant varieties and you may eventually require a spray schedule for disease and insect control.
The Comice will not pollinate the asian pear trees. If you wanted to plant Magness, a European cultivar, you could plant the Comice and another cultivar. Pollen is sterile; must be grown with two other cultivars. See the pollination requirements at the bottom of the page.
May be helpful to look at Getting Started with Tree Fruits. Tree fruit nurseries and catalogs may offer more information.