White fly prevention

Asked December 26, 2017, 10:00 PM EST

Hello! Thank you in advance for your help. For the past two years we've had tons white flies on our brassica plants, spring and fall. They are the heaviest on the kale plants to the point where scrubbing them still doesn't remove enough eggs for the leaves to be desirable. There have been some flies and eggs on the broccoli, cauliflower and collards, but not as much. None on the turnips. I've tried rotating the location within our medium garden (30'x20'), but that didn't help. My question is, will a physical barrier such as a row cover prevent them, or should I just skip planting brassicas for a season or two? Or garden doesn't have any added fertilizer. We do add compost from our kitchen and yard scraps. We also add last year's leaves from our yard every fall that have been decomposing in a pen. Thank you again!

Howard County Maryland

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If you can, rotate the brassicas to a different part of your garden. Put the row cover on as soon as the plants go out. Here is our website on white flies and prevention