Asked December 23, 2017, 4:18 PM EST

I live in Houston in the Memorial area where we have lots of shade on our 3 acres. We also have take-all patch which makes our problem worse. Every spring we put down many pallets of St. Augustine and by the next year much has died and looks terrible. Last year we put down several pallets of Zoysia and a lot of that has died. I have put some areas in ground cover but do not want to do the whole property in ground cover. Suggestions?

Harris County Texas

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Have you had your soil tested lately. There may be a nutritional issue that is making your turf more susceptible to disease. You can send in a soil sample to the A&M lab for analysis.

Other things to consider:

  • If you have heavy shade, then I am assuming you have a lot of trees. Tree roots and turf don't always get along real well. You did mention ground covers which work well around the base of the tree. You may want to consider using ground covers around the base to the drip line and then transition to grass.
  • If you are on an irrigation system, you may be over irrigating if your disease pressure is consistent from year to year. High moisture stress leads to fungal issues.
Thanks for the question