Who’s Eating the Eggs?

Asked December 21, 2017, 10:46 AM EST

My son has a small acreage in Catonsville with three goats and 12 hens of differing varieties. He built a great hen house and penned in a yard. However, recently there are no eggs and egg shells all over their fenced yard. He thinks the hens were too hungry at one point, tasted the eggs, and continue to eat them. I disputed, laying the theft on a four-legged thief - weasel, rats, etc. However, master gardener mothers are not easily believed when it comes to animals, I guess. Thoughts??? Also, will you please recommend a text that I can get to help him with the care of these chickens? Thank you, Jan Allen

Baltimore County Maryland

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It could be that the hens have developed a taste for eggs which is extremely hard to break. It could be other animals but they would usually choose to eat the hens as opposed to the eggs but, it is possible especially if it is occurring in the day time.

Try a search for this bulletin: Extension Bulletin EB-409.

Hope this helps.