I need help identifying this insect

Asked December 19, 2017, 2:18 PM EST

I need help identifying this insect. We have found 15 in our house in about a week, along a row of windows on the south side of the house. They have wings but I have not seen them fly. The majority have been long, with a body that seems to only have a head and the body along with wings. In two cases, however, the body is segmented, with a red round part that they raise in air. I’ve included pictures of two long ones, and the one that is segmented. Thank you for your help!.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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"The insect on the right is probably a kind of wood wasp, maybe Xiphydria mellipes

I think the one on the left is a wood wasp too, but it could be another Xiphydria species. The photo lacks the detail needed to be sure.

The insect in the middle photo might be a predatory wasp, perhaps associated with the Xiphydria, but that’s just a guess.

These insects may be emerging from firewood."

Thanks to Master Gardener, Bob B, for his guidance on this question.

Thanks so much for this identification! Much appreciated.

We do not have firewood in the house. Do you think we need to take steps to eliminate them? Is there any risk to the house or risk of an ongoing breeding community of them?

Thanks again - Jill

I believe they are coming from a piece of art we got this summer, that includes birch branches which I see are just what the wasp is attracted to.

My question now is whether we need to treat the piece of art, and if there is a danger to the house from the insects. Do you think there is a risk of them breeding another generation or not?

We've been watching carefully each day to get rid of any we see.

Thanks again - Jill