Trellis holding wisteria vine

Asked December 18, 2017, 8:40 AM EST

Downed tree damaged wisteria trellis. How can i save the vine and remove the trellis?

Suffolk County New York

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Thank you for your wisteria question. Without seeing the extent of the damage to the trellis, or knowing much about its size, I can offer only some general advice. If it is wooden, and you can saw it off at ground level, you can leave the below ground wood there, and eventually, it will rot. If it is metal, you're going to have to acquire a metal saw and take it out in pieces.

Since wisteria is such a hardy and fast-growing vine, you're going to need to rebuild another structure to support it. Here is a link to an article about this plant and its care. Since you don't say how old the wisteria is, I am going to assume it is an established plant, and pruning is recommended for these. (You can read about doing that in the 'How to Prune Wisteria' section of that article.) And late winter is the time to prune, so you may be able to accomplish the removal and the pruning simultaneously. Since many regard wisteria as a nuisance, I doubt you'll have any trouble saving the vine. It will probably outlive you. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!