soil testing

Asked December 17, 2017, 12:33 PM EST

do you provide soil testing services and how do I get one done?

Pulaski County Kentucky

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YES, we offer free soil tests (up to 25) for any Pulaski County resident. You may come in and borrow (for $20 cash deposit) a soil probe which goes into the ground 12". You get your $20 deposit back once the probe is returned. You may also use shovels or spades but the probes do the job very nicely without a lot of soil disruption.

You are responsible for taking your soil samples. Once done, bring them into the Extension office in any container (5 gal buckets, gallon bags, grocery bags) and we will fill out the paperwork, get some info from you, etc.

For more information on how to take soil samples:

For turf, cores should be about 4" deep
For vegetable gardens, cores should be taken about 8-12" deep
For trees and shrubs including fruit trees, cores should be 8-12"

The important thing is to get a good representative sample of the area in question. The results you get are only as good as the sample you provide.

Hope this helps.