Planting a red bark maple tree

Asked December 16, 2017, 4:42 PM EST

Hello, i have a 4ft red coral bark maple tree that i want to plant it at the corner of my deck stairsteps landing and concrete slab. How far do I have to plant it so that it will not be raising the concrete slab later on? please help.
Thank you!

Skagit County Washington

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Hello and thank you for contacting us,

You are smart to think about planting distance before the tree is installed. All too often this comes up years later when the tree is causing a problem.

Most specifications list a minimum distance of 5 feet from infrastructure (your concrete pad) to the planting site of the tree. If this was a large shade tree, then the planting distance might be increased, but nurseries list the mature height of the coral bark as 15-25' tall and 10-15' wide. As a smaller tree, 5 feet should be sufficient distance to prevent lifting the concrete.

There is a small element of risk, in that we never know exactly how a tree's root system will develop. However unlikely, it is possible that roots could cause a problem at 5 feet. If have space, or choose to increase the planting distance between tree and pad then you will reduce the chances of a problem even further.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions, and enjoy your new tree!

Thank you for your information.