Pole beans vs bush beans

Asked December 15, 2017, 3:09 PM EST

Hello, I'm planning on growing pole beans (fortex) next spring/summer on a lateral trellis (not the teepee poles). How far should I space them. Is it better to direct sow or start them indoors for a great start. I've only grown bush beans and I was wondering how many green bean pole plants to plant or how many a typical backyard Gardener plants. I'm not sure how many beans you get on a plant and want to make sure I have enough for a family of 5. When can I expect a harvest and is it a lot?

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Take a look at our website on beans and cultural information. Pole beans are usually spaced about 4” to 8” in the row with rows spaced 24” to 36” apart. If you want to plant early, you can pregerminate. Otherwise, direct seed after all danger of frost is past. You may want to plant every 2-3 weeks to stagger the plantings. Read the seed packets for harvest information. Maturity is usually about 60 days.
How many to plant can depend on how you will use them, canning, freezing, etc.
Take a look at the link for planting per person as a guideline. You will have to experiment https://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource002276_Rep3345.pdf