Dormancy of Japanese Maples

Asked December 14, 2017, 5:40 PM EST

I'm told that a Japanese Maple is dormant once it has lost all of its leaves. I have several Japanese Maples in pots. I planned to bring them into the garage for the winter once they become dormant. It's now mid-December and we've had several cold nights, But the Japanese Maples still have leaves. I don't want to bring them in too early, but not too late either--after they've been damaged by the cold. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm in Reisterstown, MD.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

At this point you can bring the container japanese maples into your garage. Sometimes the leaves can hang on but the trees are not actively growing.
If your garage gets below freezing, you will have to protect the containers with an insulating material like burlap or bubble wrap to prevent damage to the roots.
Otherwise make sure the containers do not completely dry out during the winter. Check the soil moisture about once a month and water as needed.