New planted grass dying

Asked December 13, 2017, 8:55 AM EST

This pass summer I planted grass seed around two trees, it came up great all summer. But just before it got cold it all died. I placed around 2 in of compost down 1st then 2 in of black soil from my Garden. Added a small amount of starter fertilizer and mixed it in. Waited 3 days then added grass seed and mixed it in. Watered everyday for the first couple of weeks until grass started growing. Then watered each week along with the rain. Do not know what I did wrong, the seed in my Garden came up great and is still growing.

Waukesha County Wisconsin

1 Response

Thank you for your lawn question. I’m unclear about the problem. Are you saying that the first time you planted grass seed around the trees, it died, but the second time it grew? What are the types of trees the grass is planted under? What type(s) of grass seed did you plant? How often did you water the grass that died? If you will clarify, I will try to supply more information. Thank you!