Shefflera and another blossoming plant

Asked December 12, 2017, 2:06 PM EST

I brought them in and they are in filtered light temp approximately 74 degrees. They are each alive, but dropping leaves badly. Shall I cut the back, ? tent them, quit watering What is my best bet. I cannot remember the blooming plant but is common in this area thought I could bring it in Im in caroline county

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Bringing a houseplant indoors for the winter can be extremely stressful for the plant, unless the indoor conditions are exactly the same as the outdoor ones, which is rarely the case. Try to make the transition as easy on the plant as possibly, by moving it indoor when outdoor temperatures are the same as your indoor ones. Often, houseplants get brought in when it is fairly cool outdoors and the house is much warmer, making a sudden change. Also, try to give the plant as much light as it received outdoors. That's often impossible if the plant got lots of bright light outdoors. As a result, the plant drops some leaves.

Do not prune them back, tent them, or stop watering. Continue watering. While schefflera are actively growing (spring to fall normally), they need more water than they do in the winter rest period. Cut back on watering. Water just enough to keep the potting soil from drying out.