We own a 14 acre piece of ground that for years was farmed with various...

Asked December 12, 2017, 12:59 PM EST

We own a 14 acre piece of ground that for years was farmed with various crops. Several years ago a road widening project needed a place to dispose of excess soil. We allow them to dump and spread the soil across part of the property with the intention of getting the ground to a higher elevation (approximately 4 feet) to reduce the frequency of flooding. My question is how long of a period of time should we wait for the poor soil (road way spoils including lots of clay and rock/gravel)to reconditioning before we can plant and expect a good crop? What process would you recommend for reconditioning the soil?

Montgomery County Ohio

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It will take a very long time for this spoil to be good soil. Maybe 100 to 200 years. However you can add manure to make this happen more quickly. Add perhaps 4 tons per acre of manure every other year for the next 20 years. Always plant a crop every year. Get as much root growth in there as you can, even grow cover crops in between crops to get more organic matter in there.

Hopefully you were well compensated for the disposal of this material. Add that to the value to the property. And just keep growing plants in there and add manure as you can. Do soil test as well, maybe it's not as bad as I fear. Good luck.