How to select the best dam to a sir

Asked December 12, 2017, 4:23 AM EST

We are starting our dairy bull selection process this days
How to use the dairy comp305 software to help selecting the ideal group of bull to dam that give the maximun production trait


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Thank you for your question. It is my understanding that DairyCOMP 305 will store the sire & dam information that is entered into the system, but it does not have the capability to actually select which bulls to mate with which cows, nor is it designed to select a group of bulls to use in your herd. This was confirmed through a phone call to Valley Agricultural Software (VAS), the company that owns and licenses the Dairy Comp software. For sire selection (whether for an individual cow or for the whole herd), you will need to work with a company such as a breed association, bull stud, or other such group. Once you have determined your group of sires, you can enter their information into DairyCOMP 305.

For specific questions about DairyCOMP 305, contact their Help Line at 888-225-6753.