Hornet nest removal

Asked December 9, 2017, 11:08 AM EST

There is a large hornet's nest (I believe it is the nest of the baldfaced hornet) in my vegetable garden. I was out in the garden yesterday, temperature was about 40 degrees, and I did not see any sign of life, but did not get very close. As we have already had several hard freezes, is it safe to attempt to remove the nest? Or could hornets be hibernating inside the nest? Any tips for safe removal of the next would be appreciated.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Take a look at our website for photos of baldfaced hornets and information.
The temperature is supposed to dip this week into the twenties this week. Wait for several of theses hard freezes. The workers will die back with the first several hard freezes and the queen will overwinter elsewhere. You can remove the nest at that time.