Bamboo encroachment into our yard

Asked December 5, 2017, 2:32 PM EST

We are trying to find a law or case law that we can use to force the neighbor whose bamboo in their yard has rooted all over our yard and has grown over 30 feet high. The bamboo is destroying our ability to use our own backyard. We are located in Multnomah county in Portland , OR. There does not seem to be any law which holds the neighbor responsible for this destructive mess we have in our backyard. Other states have laws relating to this issue. If we can even get someone here in Portland to pay attention we’d appreciate it. Any help in dealing with this would be advantageous to others with the same issue. Thank you. Leslie Crouch

Multnomah County Oregon

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Bamboo removal is a subject of prior Ask an Experts, such as this one,
Your question about dealing with the neighbors is not one I'm able to answer well as a volunteer. I found information about Portland's Neighbor Mediation program,
I will forward your question to our Extension Service professionals for further suggestions.

Another thought is to ask the soil and water conservation district for help/suggestions. On the east side of the river, it is Eastern Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District,
West side,

Hello Leslie,

Unfortunately, you do not have any legal recourse with regards to the bamboo encroaching on your property in Portland. It is a very aggressive plant and difficult to control once established as in your situation.

In addition to the mediation service mentioned above, Resolutions Northwest provides mediation service to help people solve disputes:

If you are able to initiate a productive dialogue with your neighbor, I can provide consulting services (for free) to come up with a management plan to remove the plant material.

See my contact information below. Please let me know if I can help further.


Thank u for your response regarding the bamboo. I notice some states are enacting new laws regarding the responsibility of the persons yard where the bamboo is coming from. I believe Oregon, specifically Portland needs to do the same. It is truly a huge problem for those of us whose yards are being ruined by an unwilling neighbor to take responsibility for this